Grateful Dead Song Inspired Patches (green)

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Product Description

Each one-of-a-kind 6" patch is inspired by lyrics from songs performed by Jerry Garcia. They are discreet (people don't recognize lyrics like they do a Steal Your Face) and can easily be sewn to jackets, vests, bags, hats, pants, etc. I make them all myself out of recycled fabrics.
I have three styles left that I started before the Anniversary Shows in 2015 and finished now that I am patching my bones at home after a long strange trip along the black muddy river.
Good to be home but please buy some patches so I can get back truckin' on!

Options in Green: (full wording of options shown below, chose in "styles" - Acronyms have reference in "quotations" but patch is only the acronym as shown in image)

Goodbye Jack & Jill
Just Gotta Poke Around
Walk Together Little Children
Queen of Make-Believe
Ramble on Baby
FOTD - "Friend of the Devil"
BIODTL - "Beat if on Down the Line"
GSET - "Greatest Story Ever Told"
GDTRFB - Going Down the Road Feeling Bad"

 Grateful Dead Song Inspired Patches (green)  Grateful Dead Song Inspired Patches (green)  Grateful Dead Song Inspired Patches (green)

Homemade Grateful Dead and Dharma inspired crafts!

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